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83 Baxter St, New York, NY | (212) 227-2802

Breakroom is an excellent hole in the wall establishment that you will be sure to love in every way possible. They are well known for their delicious tacos and their amazing slider style burgers. Every aspect of Breakroom is simply incredible and delicious. All of their meals are made with fresh ingredients and their atmosphere is extremely warm and welcoming in every way. We strongly recommend the pork belly sandwich, but you will have no problem finding something that you simply love when you head to Breakroom on Baxter Street.

Whiskey Tavern

79 Baxter St, New York, NY | (212) 374-9119

Offering amazing, and diverse well poured drink at extremely reasonable prices, Whiskey Tavern is a beloved establishment that you will be sure to want to head to as often as you possibly can. They feature some excellent local music in an amazing atmosphere that is extremely relaxing to go to and to enjoy some drinks with friends. They have a great amount of different drink options, including all of your favorite whiskey options, including some you might have never tried before. Many consider the Whiskey Tavern to be one of the absolute coolest dive bars in all of New York City, and it is hard to argue with that point.

Kam Hing Coffee Shop

118 Baxter St, New York, NY | (212) 925-0425

If you are looking for what many people in the New York area consider to be the best sponge cake in all of the state, then you simply need to head over to Kam Hing Coffee Shop. They have a great amount of varieties of sponge cake, each of which you simply must try. The cakes aren't too sweet and they're excellently moist in every way. They also offer some delicious coffee drinks that perfectly go with the sponge cakes. The service here is also extremely friendly and the atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a nice, relaxing day out or to get your morning started.


130 Division St, New York, NY | (646) 882-7052

Offering absolutely delicious and authentic Greek food, Kiki's is the place to go in the Chinatown area for a great Greek meal. They offer all of your favorite, traditional Greek and Mediterreanean meals such as gyro pitas, shawarma sandwiches, lamb mousaka, hummous platters, and delicious desserts such as baklavas. This is a great spot that is not very pricy and they offer extremely generous sized portions that you will always be sure to love. This is a great spot to head to with friends for a nice, casual lunch, or to head to with your family for a delicious, fresh meal. All of their ingredients are of the freshest and highest possible quality, so if you are looking to have a great experience eating Greek meals then you need to head to Kiki's.

Shanghai Asian Manor

21 Mott St, New York, NY | (212) 766-6311

A wonderfully cozy dining space in the Chinatown area, Shanghai Asian Manor offers some amazing Shanghainese favorites that both locals and visitors of the area simply love to indulge in. With complimentary hot tea, extremely friendly and welcoming servers, and authentic dishes such as the Xiao Long Bao, every aspect of Shanghai Asian Manor is perfect and authentic. They have won multiple awards for their excellence and purely amazing tastes. If you are looking for a truly authentic and delicious Shanghainese dining experience then look no further than Shanghai Asian Manor on Mott Street.

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