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Birthdays with Party Bus New York City

Our party buses are perfect for birthday parties! Whether you're planning to celebrate with an intimate gathering or a huge blow out, do it in style! Start the party the minute you step onto the bus! Our on board bars are the perfect place to chill your beer or mix up your favorite cocktails! And with the club-style lighting, great audio, HD TVs and dance poles featured in our buses you can party any way you want!

21+ birthdays: Of course our party buses are absolutely perfect for any birthday for those of legal drinking age or older! The on board bars featured on our buses are the perfect place to chill your beer or mix up your favorite cocktails! Spend the night travelling in style and enjoying your drinks even in between destinations, or simply stay on the bus and drink, dance, or watch movies as you ride around town!

Teenage birthdays: Sweet 16s, 18th birthdays, and any other age can enjoy celebrating on our luxury party buses! We of course do not allow any alcohol for any under-age person, and we receive the itinerary from the contract holder only, which in most cases in the parent. So parents, you can feel safe knowing that if you're sending your teen out on a bus with friends to go for dinner and a movie that that is exactly where they'll be - we do not let minors make any changes to the itinerary so you don't have to worry about them trying to sneak off to any other locations. They'll love celebrating in such a lavish, luxurious vehicle and getting the VIP treatment!

Kids' birthdays: That's right, we even service kids birthdays! Planning a trip to a museum or your child's favorite restaurant for their birthday? Go in the lap of luxury and enjoy the kids' favorite movies on the way there on our amazing party buses! Comfortable and reliable, there's no better way to travel!

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