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Inatteso Pizzabar Casano

28 West St, New York, NY | (212)267-8000

Inatteso Pizzabar Casano is a favorite spot for many people looking for a nice, quiet lunch in the downtown Manhattan area. The food is absolutely delicious and always fresh, and you will be sure to love the service which is always helpful and attentive. You will never feel like you have been forgotten about when you are enjoying an experience at Inatteso Pizzabar Casano. The environment is casual with a clean, lightly decorated interior, but it is a fantastic spot to bring a date on for a nice, romantic day out.

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea

1 N End Ave, New York, NY | (212)227-3240

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea is an amazing coffee shop in the New York area that is owned by Hugh Jackman (yes, THE Hugh Jackman.) They offer coffee that is simply delicious and fairly priced as well as totally fair trade, so it doesn't just help the people of other countries, but it also helps their business grow. Located inside of the US Mercantile Exchange Building, the Laughing Man Coffee & Tea is surrounded by history and beautiful sights to see. You will be sure to love the expertly crafted coffee served at Laughing Man Coffee & Tea.

Dig Inn

225 Liberty St, New York, NY | (212)776-4051

The folks at Dig Inn make a point to build their community through food by forming genuine and trusting relationships with the farmers that they have built bonds with and their partners, making sure that the food that they serve embraces the seasons and that it is always fresh and delicious. Their chefs prepare real food completely from scratch, and they cook up their best ideas all of the time. They employ a shared table philosophy, in order to promote friendships being born amongst their guests, and creating a unique environment that you will be sure to love.

Shake Shack

215 Murray St, New York, NY | (646)545-4600

Originally sprouted form a hot dog cart that was located in Madison Square Park in Mahattan in order to preserve the Madison Square Park Conservancy's first art installation, Shake Shack has become a major success where fans lined up every day for three straight summers. Now a permanent kiosk located in the park, they offer a modern day roadside burger stand that serves up the most amazing burgers you have ever sunk your teeth into as well as hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beers, wines, and much, much more. You will always have a great experience and meal at Shake Shack on Murray Street.

North End Grill

104 N End Ave, New York, NY | (646)747-1600

Located in the heart of Battery Park City, you will be sure to enjoy the rustic, elemental French inspired cooking located at North End Grill. They have cooking infused with subtle smoke from their restaurant's wood burning grills and mequite charcoal ovens. Complementing hteir menu is a classic raw bar with house made charcuterie, and seasonal produce that is taken completely from their rooftop farm! They offer a wine list that features classic as well as little known wines, all peppered with wonderful value and older vintages.

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