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130 St Marks Pl, New York, NY | (212) 228-1010

If you are looking for some of the best sushi in the Alphabet City area then you simply need to head over to Kura. They offer some great values that you will simply love, and your wallet will be sure to as well, and they are sure to always use the most fresh possible sushi around. You will be sure to simply love the atmosphere at Kura as they always have incredibly friendly service. You will never have a hard time enjoying yourself at Kura.

Ruffian Wine Bar & Chef's Table

125 E 7th St, New York, NY | (212) 777-0855

A wonderful, cozy East Village wine bar and chef's table that focuses specifically on Southern French cuisine, and serves all things that are soulful and distinctive, you will be sure to simply love every aspect of Ruffian Wine Bar & Chef's Table. They offer an extremely versatile environment that you will be sure to have a great time at every single time. This is a great atmosphere to enjoy on a romantic date or to just enjoy an elegant evening with some friends.

The Wayland

700 E 9th St, New York, NY | (212) 777-7022

The Wayland has been a staple in the Alphabet City area for over 30 years, and it is a combined bar and restaurant experience that many residents and visitors of the area simply love. The folks at The Wayland pride themselves on great cocktails that have been made using fresh and unique ingredients, as well as American craft beers, amazing food that is served all night, some excellent live music, and a wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere that you will always have a good time indulging in.

Sunny and Annie's

94 Ave B, New York, NY | (212) 677-3131

A small grocery establishment where you can also go ahead and enjoy some fantatic deli sandwiches that make this place a great spot to grab some wonderful, casual lunches. They are well known for their Pho sandwiches that really are amazing. They use all fresh ingredients at Sunny and Annie's, and the people who serve up and make the sandwiches are always wearing a smile on their faces, providing a nice, local atmosphere that many residents of the area really appreciate, including us! Sunny and Annie's is a fantastic place to head to for a meal in the Alphabet City area.


128 E 7th St, New York, NY | (212) 472-0220

The folks at Pylos proudly offer a breadth of traditional Greek cuisine, with a great variety of fresh, wholesome cooking that find their origins from all regions of Greece, in an elegant and contemporary, comfortable setting in the East Village and Alphabet City area. They have all of your favorite, traditional Greek meals such as gyro sandwiches, lamb moussaka, and shrimp and scallops with pasta that are simply amazing. You also will have a rare and unique opportunity to try out some great Greek beers that you will be sure to love!

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